Digital & Programmable Thermostats in Minneapolis

You may love the benefits provided by your HVAC system, but not the constant monitoring that goes into making sure that the temperature inside your home is adequate. Unfortunately, your HVAC system is designed to simply generate hot and cold air, not to recognize when it’s needed. It needs someone calling the shots. That someone is the thermostat. Thermostats may be the most overlooked component of an HVAC system, yet could also be the most important given that they regulate the system’s output. And with a programmable thermostat installation by the professionals at Blue Ox Heating & Air, the job of controlling your HVAC system is done for you. At Blue Ox, we offer a wide variety of programmable digital thermostats to take the away the worry of monitoring your system, allowing you to simply enjoy the comfort that it provides.


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Digital thermostats are literally thinking machines that use special thermistors to measure current temperatures compared to preset controls. Whenever the two don’t match, the digital thermostat automatically engages your HVAC system to reach the desired temperature. By taking the few minutes to set up initial programming, you allow the thermostat to monitor and control its own output.

Some of our most popular digital and programmable thermostats include:

  • Goodman’s ComfortNet Communicating Control System
  • Honeywell FocusPRO 6000
  • Honeywell FocusPRO 5000
  • WiFi Thermostats

Wi-fi Thermostats

As more and more people connect to the Internet for services, a new trend is emerging in thermostat design and functionality. Now, many thermostat models come with the capability to connect right to your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you greater control over your home’s heating and cooling needs even when you aren’t home.

Blue Ox is proud to offer the following types of Wi-Fi thermostats to homeowners in and around the Twin Cities area:


If you’re tired of having to worry about constantly adjusting your thermostat, consider the advantages a programmable one has to offer:

Programming: You can set your thermostat setting according to time of day and day of week. That allows for pre-determined settings that automatically change your HVAC output without you having to worry about it.

Savings: Programmable thermostats have been shown to save homeowners up to $180 per year based on an annual average of $2,200 in home heating and cooling costs. That more than makes up for their initial purchase price.

Design: Unlike the box-like thermostats that sat as an eyesore on your wall in the past, new programmable thermostats come with backlit display panels that have touchscreen controls

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