Furnace Maintenance in Minneapolis-ST.Paul


Have you scheduled furnace maintenance yet this year? Preventative maintenance is the key to a long-lasting furnace that delivers reliable performance and low energy bills. To get your system ready for the heating season, plan to schedule a furnace tune-up every fall. Blue Ox Heating and Air is here to make sure your furnace receives the attention it needs to get your family through another harsh northern winter unscathed!

To request furnace maintenance from a NATE-certified HVAC contractor, please contact us today at 952-563-3012.


At Blue Ox, we offer a comprehensive 20-point furnace tune-up with every annual visit. This is a combination of visual inspections, tests, and cleaning. Here’s what to expect during a visit from one of our technicians:

  1. Test the heating cycle
  2. Calibrate the thermostat
  3. Inspect the gas piping and valve
  4. Verify proper fuel ignition
  5. Test and record the temperature rise
  6. Clean and adjust the burners for maximum efficiency
  7. Clean the flame sensor
  8. Test the safety controls
  9. Check for gas leaks near the furnace
  10. Inspect, lubricate, and adjust the blower assembly
  11. Test for carbon monoxide
  12. Change the air filter
  13. Inspect the primary heat exchanger
  14. Inspect the secondary heat exchanger
  15. Check the combustion intake and exhaust piping
  16. Tighten electrical connections
  17. Inspect the circuit boards
  18. Clean and adjust the blower assembly
  19. Check the draft inducer assembly
  20. Inspect the furnace condensate drain line


You might wonder why you should invest in annual furnace maintenance. In short, spending a little now can help you save a lot later on. Here’s how:

  • Lower heating bills: When your furnace is clean, lubricated, and tuned up, it operates more efficiently. This, in turn, lowers your utility costs all winter long.
  • Fewer repair bills: Emergency furnace repair is not only inconvenient—it can also get expensive. Reduce the chance of a midseason breakdown and the associated repair costs by maintaining your furnace before winter starts.
  • Longer equipment life span: You will eventually need to replace your furnace, but why not prolong the life of your existing heating system? Routine tune-ups keep your furnace from experiencing excessive wear and tear. This simple preventative measure is the key to avoiding premature furnace failure—and the replacement costs that go with it.
  • Warranty preservation: Most HVAC manufacturers require proof of annual professional maintenance. Without this, you might void your coverage, meaning that any claims you make under your HVAC warranty could be denied. Preserve your warranty with a routine tune-up every fall.
  • Boost in-home comfort: The benefits of furnace maintenance aren’t just monetary. After all, you can’t put a price on home comfort! Still, you can expect to enjoy excellent airflow, even temperatures from room to room, and better indoor air quality by keeping up with recommended yearly maintenance.


At Blue Ox, our goal is to help your HVAC system run smoothly, quietly, and affordably. To maximize these benefits in your home, we suggest signing up for a heating and air membership plan. For $10 per month, you receive annual precision tune-ups for your furnace and air conditioner. Plus, enjoy 15% off repairs and 5% off new equipment with your membership. We service a wide range of HVAC brands and guarantee your 100% satisfaction, so you can schedule your appointment with confidence!

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