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Your family’s comfort and safety are our number one priority. Don’t suffer through another Minnesota winter with an old, unsafe, or malfunctioning furnace or boiler. Call Blue Ox Heating & Air for full diagnostic heating services and 24-hour repair in Minneapolis – St. Paul and the surrounding metro. We’ll help you choose the best option to fit your home and budget, efficiency, air quality and sound requirements.


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Maintenance & Repair

Furnace Repair

Maintaining your heating system will make it last longer and preserve its efficiency. Schedule a tune-up with Blue Ox Heating & Air before the busy winter season blows in to save both time and money. If you have a furnace or heating problem right now, call us for 24-hour furnace repair or replacement. We’ll get the job done quickly and accurately so you don’t have to suffer through a single cold night!

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Installation and Replacement

Furnace Replacement

A furnace is a long-term investment designed to last many years, but just like any other appliance, it can wear down over time. When your heating unit breaks down, Blue Ox Heating & Air will work with you to diagnose whether a new furnace replacement or simple repair is best based on your current situation.


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  • What to Expect When You Need a New Furnace or Boiler
  • When Should You Replace My Furnace or Boiler

Heat Pump Service

A heat pump is essentially an air conditioning unit that runs backwards. They work by taking heat from outside and expelling it inside the home. One of the most economical advantages of heat pumps is that they move heat instead of generating it, which increases your home’s energy efficiency. Also, heat pumps are powered by electricity, which can help save on fuel costs.

Investing in a heat pump ensures your system is not working too hard. Click to learn more about our heat pump service options and which type of heat pump would work best for you.


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Heat Exchangers

Air exchangers work by circulating stale indoor air out of your home and circulating in fresh air from outside. Exchangers use one fan and vent system to blow indoor air outside, while another sucks fresh air in. Air exchangers are a great solution to indoor air quality problems–especially when the cold forces you to stay indoors

Click to learn more about in-home air exchangers from Blue Ox Heating & Air, including:

  • Fresher Air
  • Cleaner Air
  • Allergy Prevention
  • Humidity Control


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Zone Systems

With a zone heating and cooling system, you can divide your home up into specific zones and adjust the temperature accordingly for each one. This level of climate control has been proven to reduce home energy costs by as much as 30% during cold Minnesota winter months. Click to learn more about zone heating and cooling systems and their capabilities:

  • How Zone Systems Work
  • Benefits of Zone Heating Systems


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Heating and Cooling FAQ

How often should I have my current unit serviced? What does HVAC mean? Get all your heating and cooling questions answered by the pros at Blue Ox Heating & Air. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions on topics from furnace and heating systems to air conditioning, home air filters, and beyond.

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Heating and Cooling FAQ

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