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How Poor Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

PROTECT YOUR HEALTH BY IMPROVING YOUR AIR QUALITY Today’s well-insulated homes make it easier and more economical to maintain a comfortable environment indoors, but they also tend to trap pollutants inside. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is typically many times more polluted than the outdoor air in cities like Minneapolis. Included in the … Read More >

Feeling Sick? How Air Quality Impacts Health

Outdoor air pollutants are fairly well-known and publicized, but indoor air pollution can be just as damaging to your health. The World Health Organization points to several complications and increased risks from low indoor air quality, including higher rates of pneumonia, stroke, heart disease, and lung cancer. Many of these complications are attributable to poor use of … Read More >

4 Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

reathe Easy It’s about this time of year that we all yearn for the beautiful summer afternoons on the patio, sun shining, grass growing, and a gentle breeze rolling through. Unfortunately, with the snow falling at a rapid rate and the temperatures staying stagnant below zero, it’s unlikely we’ll be enjoying the fresh air anytime … Read More >